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who are we?

All About THRE

The Human Rights Effort (THRE) is a grassroots movement created by and for the People. We are forging a new path for the maintenance of society by embracing the power of the People.


The Human Rights Effort is about social evolution and enabling People to work together to develop unique, harmonious societies. We recognize the suffering plaguing communities, and we focus on solutions to fortify new opportunities for successful, cooperative, collaborative community. 


THRE puts the power back in the hands of the people through education and awareness, by paving practical paths to success, and by encouraging compassionate, productive conversation. We are a non-partisan movement that is focused on social evolution: embracing and facilitating change as a community. By embracing all People, collaborating on new ideas, and welcoming varied perspectives, we grow stronger as a society. 

Current Initiative

The United States is facing turmoil on multiple fronts. Instead of piecemeal solutions, The Human Rights Effort proposes a modern-day constitutional convention. A constitution is a social contract between the People and their government. Our current constitution has never been formally reviewed, and our living generation of people had no say and hold no stake in it. 


A constitutional convention will reinvigorate the People’s proximity to its government, refresh the nation’s unity, and reestablish the nation’s fundamentals. Find out more about why we must #updatetheconstitution!


This is just the beginning. THRE is for all people, and we seek to facilitate societal evolution across the globe. 


meet the team

Petition Signers: 16,078  •  Insta Followers: 3,000  •  TikTok Followers: 46.8 K

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