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when will we get there?

Road to 11 Million

The idea of ‘when’ is usually driven by an amount of time, or a goal date. We are here instead to show that social evolution occurs with numbers, not only time. 

Our when, is when The Human Rights Effort (THRE) has impacted 3.5% of the population through a combination of social media engagements and petition signatures. In other words, when 11 million Americans are participating in THRE’s social evolution inspired initiatives. This 11 million will all play different but critical roles in the movement. 


Why 3.5%? Analyzing over a hundred years of protest related data (violent & nonviolent, 1900-2006), human rights and international affairs professor, Erica Chenoweth, concluded that it takes around 3.5% of the population actively participating in a movement to enable serious ‘political’ change.


THRE understands that change cannot happen without the support of the People. Today, there are 333 million people in the U.S.; and, our goal is to motivate 3.5% of them (i.e.,11 million people).


With a community of 11 million people dedicated to reclaiming their power, we can impact Congress and the States’ decision to support our Article V Resolution prompting the first step towards a modern-day Constitutional Convention. 


Social evolution comes from a recognition that change is inevitable, but what kind of change is dependent on who is engaged! THRE has created an easy plan to keep the People engaged towards a goal that keeps us united and impactful. You can find your perfect place in the movement,  help us gain national attention and create space for social evolution.  What’s calling you? Would you like to help spread the word to grow our community? Organize in-person activities, meet-ups, rallies, etc. in local communities and amongst neighbors?  Read more about Where you fit into THRE here.

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