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what is social evolution?

Social Evolution?

Social Evolution is a term coined by The Human Rights Effort (THRE) to recognize the inevitability of change and embrace the opportunities it provides. It is the constant and consistent review and revamp of social structures to ensure that they’re operating to enable humanity’s highest potential. We are forging a new path for the maintenance of society by embracing the power of the People.


We are founded on respect for the collective human community. We recognize the turmoil caused by the many classification systems recognized around the world and we work to undermine these divisive systems by uplifting our unifying qualities and characteristics.


Social Evolution means bringing people together, collaborating on new ideas, and recognizing the collective human community. We enable people to facilitate the evolution of their social institutions and communities. Through awareness, education, empowerment, and access, THRE seeks to facilitate social evolution by ensuring that the power is back in the hands of the people.


current initiative 


To evolve the social institutions within the United States, we must begin at the foundation. Our foundation is the United States Constitution and it was written by and for the interests of a select few. 


Often, politicians, movements, and ideas start at the symptoms of the issues that have arisen throughout the United States. These issues are vast and impact countless communities and individuals in our nation. We take a neutral approach not in taking our hands out of the issues of our nation, but instead directly getting to the root of the issue to provide a neutral, safe, accessible space for societal evolution. Neutrality is stepping up to an issue that is ignored by many because of the narratives of our political systems. Neutrality is allowing space for all, including the unheard. Our foundation being the Constitution of the United States, THRE seeks to provide space for the People to have a say in how their nation evolves.


A constitutional convention allows us to reestablish the People’s stake in their government, enable unity across the nation, and clarify the nation’s founding principles. Every person wants to live a fair life in a safe community with access to opportunities for personal and social development. 


Importantly, the Framers saw the need for a continued effort towards a more perfect union. Jefferson writes to Madison that “it may be proved that no society can make a perpetual constitution..” George Mason is recounted to have pledged to sooner cut off his hand rather than to keep the Constitution as it was in August of 1787. The Framers understood that the quest for a more perfect union is a continued process, not an immovable piece of paper. Two methods for amending the constitution were established, and these methods provide our opportunity to craft a new Constitution. 


THRE will create the space for the People to craft a constitution that is truly reflective of the needs and interests of society today. Find out more about #updatetheconstitution in one page.

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