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What needs to be changed about the constitution?


A constitution is a social contract between the government and the People. From time to time it is necessary for the governed to reestablish their connection to the governing, to refresh their stake in a particular community, and to redefine or review the boundaries set within.


None of the current living generation of People had any say in our current social framework. As people evolve, so too should their social institutions. What needs to be changed about our current Constitution is up to the People, the People currently living in this society. 


Can we really make this happen?


When the government continuously fails to represent the will of the People, it is our duty to reclaim our stake and negotiate the terms of our social contract. Whether it can or will happen is in the hands of the People. 


By creating a base of supporters, one person at a time, we can create real change. It only takes 3.5% of a population to create change in a society… so that is what our goal is. Our Road to 11 Million is our goal to gather support from 3.5% of the population of the US to create a base that is ready to start societal evolution through a revamp of our existing foundation: The Constitution. 


Learn more about how we make this happen! 


What Amendment are you proposing?


THRE proposes to add an amendment that calls for a constitutional convention to happen within one-year of the amendment’s ratification. We lay out what it will look like, who can vote for convention members, and who the representatives will be. This amendment is unique because we create a new process for electing candidates for the convention. Read the language of our amendment HERE!


Who is included in the Convention?


This movement is by the People. The Convention process includes everyone, and it is a call to bring ALL perspectives and ideas to the table. 


The convention we call for includes up to 250 geographic and shared interest candidates. It gives the American people a say in their fundamental rights, and it keeps the process open with a public comment period! Our amendment is written to deliver a Convention that produces a social framework that reflects the will of the People and is respectful of each individual.


How can we trust that this will work when the same efforts posted to the link tree are the same efforts you said don’t work/what makes your effort different?


THRE is engaging this issue on multiple fronts. While protests, civic engagement, and petitions may not have a lasting impact individually, all of these actions put together focused on a single intention can.


THRE employs a multi-pronged approach to shifting the tides thru collaboration, engagement, education, and empowerment.


Does voting matter?


THRE neither encourages nor discourages voting. Voting is the channel by which citizens have the opportunity to express their position on the issues and the candidates. The duopoly on political parties plays a major role in impeding the voices of voters from being heard. Whether you decide to vote or not, THRE transcends the current political framework by taking this opportunity for change in the country directly to the people. There is power in voting, and there is power in not voting. It is up to the individual how they use this power. 


What about the other Article V Convention movements?


The great thing about THRE is that we intend to include EVERYONE! While these movements are on the right track, they fail to include ALL of the People. These groups propose solutions only around specific arenas (budget, federal limits, and campaign finance), more band aid solutions. THRE focuses on the root of the issue, putting the power back in the hands of the People. The Constitution must be completely revisited by the living generation of people. Any other solution falls short of bringing us into the new age that is at our doorsteps.


Most importantly, every Article V movement has the opportunity to become a shared interest group or support candidates for a true constitutional convention, by the People. 


Why not revolt instead?


Deliberation and discussion must come before aggressive action. THRE’s current focus is on creating the space for all voices to be heard by using resources that are currently available to us. 


Revolutions do not stick historically, and change is seen through honest movement with large-scale support. Only 3.5% of our population is needed for change, and that is our Road to 11 Million. The 11 Million are our action, are our voice, and are our change. With this, we can change our society. 


How can I help?


Visit our ‘Where’ page!


THRE is a collaborative movement that fully recognizes that those who want to contribute are able to do so at different levels. We want people to feel comfortable giving how they can. Our website and advocacy tool kits are wonderful places to start! 


Remember that bettering the system starts with you. Take care of yourself and continue to work on fully recognizing your own potential and value. We are truly grateful to have you as a part of this movement!


Are you getting involved with issues in other countries?


It is the mission of THRE to facilitate social evolution for all. We started in the U.S. because our founders live in the US, and have extensive knowledge of the US Constitution and have seen the symptoms of a cracking foundation first hand. We see the problems and why they exist here in the US, so this is where our first project is. 


It is our goal to share the vision of social evolution with the World and to empower People to develop communities that work for them. 


Sign-up to Volunteer, so we can share the message and help empower your community!

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